30 August 2013

Last time our hero had just managed to dry-fit the plow brackets to the truck frame, we now resume that thrilling tale where we left off…

To make the brackets fit the frame rail, they had to be curved. So I eyeballed where the frame starts to curve, did some marking and brandished my angle grinder:

I made one lateral cut, parallel to the frame rails and then I made 2 cuts orthogonal to that. These second cuts were cut all the way through on the side, but onlt 1/2 of the way through on the top. I then test-fit the bracket again, but this time with a couple C-clamps and a hammer:

Which yielded some nice curvature:

And then I rinsed and repeated:

And then I dey fitted the pivot point for the plow, and the lift arm:

I actually don’t want the lift arm to sit that high. There’s a secondary bracket about halfway up the radiator, and I think I’ll try to adapt that to mount the lift arm at a more reasonable height (so I can actually see over the hood).

Also, the pivot point mounts STILL don’t line up, but now they’re too wide. I’m going to have to alter them to fit the plow (which would be significantly more annoying to alter, because of previous alternations that have been done).

So, I’m going to be burning a bunch of 1/4 inch plate next time, looks like. That should be a learning experience.